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About Us

Welcome to Petai.my, your trusted Malaysian food supplier. We are deeply rooted in the heart of Malaysia, dedicated to providing fresh and quality produce to every corner of our beautiful country.

At Petai.my, we believe in the richness of our land and the strength of our people. Our mission is to bring the farm to your table, preserving the authentic flavours of Malaysia while supporting our local farmers and producers.

We pride ourselves on sourcing our products directly from the fields of local growers. This not only ensures the freshness of our goods but also contributes to the sustainability of our farming communities. We are committed to nurturing these relationships, understanding that their success is our success.

Our offerings range from daily essential vegetables and fruits to exotic local specialties. Each item is handpicked with care, ensuring you experience the best of what Malaysia has to offer.

At Petai.my, we are more than just a food supplier. We are your partners in health and nutrition, passionately committed to enriching your culinary journey with the freshest produce and the richest flavors.

Join us as we continue to grow and serve you better. Experience the freshness, taste the quality, and savor the love we put into every product. Welcome to Petai.my, where fresh meets quality!

Thank you for choosing us and being a part of our journey. Together, let’s celebrate the bounty of our lands and the taste of Malaysia!